Welcome to Titan Docs!

You have reached Titan Docs, the documentation site for Titan Embeds. It will provide you all the resources you need to get the most out of your embed. In case you're interested, you can create your embed for free on the Titan Embeds website. If you need help with that, read up on "First time setup" or contact us.

What is Titan Embeds?

You don't know? Well, let me tell you a story.

In the beginning, there was silence.

People like you would love to embed their Discord server on web pages, but there simply were no options to do such thing!

Well, say no more, for we introduce to you...

Titan Embeds

...a unique, stripped down version of your Discord server, embeddable on any web pages alike!

There was a time when Discord didn't support embedding the chat on a webpage. One had to resort to extreme measures to ensure they did not break the cross origin policy that Discord is enforcing, which resulted in many very sad outcomes. Many users have complained that Discord's own embeddable widget does not include the chat itself. What is the point of embedding Discord without chat?

This is where Titan steps in. By inviting the Titan bot into your server, it can act like a proxy where it relays chat from your website embed to the Discord server. You will be given a unique URL/iframe code to paste directly onto your website.

It doesn't ends here! Titan is jam-packed with many features, such as guest users as well as allowing Discord users to participate. Guest users will be treated similar to users without a role. Discord users, however, will inherit their own permission abilities. The client itself is designed with flexibility. It looks good in websites of all taste!

Please note that Titan should not be used as a replacement for Discord. It is meant to be run alongside it.

Wonderful people

Our team consists of ponies, wizards, anime girls, dragons and in rare cases strange organisms of the species "homo sapiens". We wouldn't be here without these awesome people!


The one who started this project. Legends say that the place he worked at (BronyTV) decided to ditch IRC for Discord. Titan was the product of this chaos.


This gal manages our server and figures out how to keep the hamsters in the basement in line! Without her, they might all run away!


Do you know what makes CSS tick? Me neither... Addy on the other hand knows exactly how to cook a perfect CSS brew.


Maintains Titan Docs and creates excellent themes for all to enjoy. He may not bite, but he definitely breathes fire!


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From the shadows of Poniverse, AppleDash jumped in and offered his server to make websockets possible and kept our service alive until OVH mysteriously made his server disappear.


From our friends over at ProCord, Semic made most of our awesome and heroic Titan logo.


You can get live support over on our Discord server, either through your Discord client or our Titan embed.