@Titan, make me coffee! Okay, maybe not. You've probably way to much caffeine in your system already. This page will describe what you can (and can't) make Titan do by using commands. After having the bot added to your server, you will be able to make her do whatever you want.

What can Titan do?

You can use the following commands with the Titan bot on your server. Every command is preceded by tagging the bot using @Titan#7689.

Command Description
invite Replies with an OAuth URL used to invite the bot to your server
members Replies with a list of members logged into your Titan Embed.
server Replies with an instant invite to the Titan Embeds support server.
help Replies with a list of helpful links to get going.

Titan can also ban or kick guest users. For each of the following commands, the username does not need to be a full string and the discriminator is optional.

Command Description
ban <username> Bans the user by the username.
kick <username> Kicks the user by the username.

Meet the dashboard

By managing the server from your dashboard after logging in with your Discord account, you will be able to more in-depth than just these commands. In case the dashboard still isn't enough for you, you may also use query parameters to further customise your Titan Embeds experience.