First-time setup

Setting up Titan will only take you minutes, but before you do, please note the following:

  • You will use your Discord account to sign in. Your Discord account info won't be sent to Titan's servers.
  • You need to have admin permissions for the Discord server you wish to connect to Titan to.
  • We recommend you to clear the cookies your web browser has saved. You may need to enable JavaScript as well. In general, we recommend you to use a modern, recently updated browser.

Connecting your Discord account

First, authenticate your account with Titan by going to the Titan Embeds site and clicking on the "Login" button (while logged out) or by visiting the authentication link directly. This will also be the way you will sign into your account into the future. Currently, it's not possible to create stand-alone accounts. After you've authenticated your account using Discord's OAUTH, you will be redirected to your dashboard. From here, you will see a list of servers which you can connect to Titan Embeds. You need to have admin permissions on a server in order for it to show up.

Connecting Titan to your server

Click or tap on the modify button of the server you which to use to use for your embed. If you haven't set-up this server, you will get to see the initialisation wizard. First, you will be asked to invite the Titan bot to your server. To do this, use the "Invite Titan!" button. A new page will open in a new tab. Give Titan the permissions it needs (we recommend giving permissions for the things it asks for by default). Once you have done that, close the tab. Titan is now connected to your server and you can access your dashboard.


Getting the embed URL

That's it! You'll now be able to view a server's administration panel by selecting it where you'll be able to adjust your embed's settings and get the embed URL. There are two types of embed URLs:

  • Direct Link
  • Iframe Embed

Administration Panel

A direct link can be used to directly access the chat without having to embed it first. This can be great for testing purposes or places where an Iframe is not needed or can't be used. To use the direct link, simply copy the URL and navigate to it.

An Iframe Embed is the one you would like to use for embedding the chat onto your desired web site. To do so, in most cases, you just need to copy the Iframe Embed into your site's HTML document. You may change its size with the "height=" and "width=" parameters. Your embed should scale with it nicely, as long as you don't make it too crazy.

...but there's more!

Our embed allows for some insane customisation like themes or, for the more experienced, adding your own CSS code. You can read more about CSS slots on its wiki page.